Ordering form Planet Inflatable is a simple process. Simply email the following information to our customer service department:


-A brief description of the inflatable desired.
-If a shipping quote is required, please include destination zip code.
-Desired in hands date.
-Contact information.


Estimate and virtual proof:

Our Customer Service Team will promptly return an artist’s rendering demonstrating the anticipated color and configuration of the new inflatable. You will receive the following information (24 to 48 hours):

-Price confirmation.
-Production schedule.
-Shipping details.
-Virtual proof.


Confirmation from customer:

Upon your approval of color, shape, materials and pricing, the design will be cleared for production.
-Approved estimate.
-Confirm virtual proof.
-Agrees to proceed with production.


Final product:

At completion of the first unit, an image of the new inflatable will be forwarded for your review. Upon your approval, shipping will be arranged to your desired location.

-Final product image.
-Product is ship to customer.
-Customer receives order.